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We talk a lot about the April 4, 2024 total solar eclipse, but our friends down in Texas get a special early bonus in 2023 – an annular solar eclipse on October 14, 2023! During an annular eclipse the sun will be almost, but not totally covered by the moon. The result is a spectacular show in the sky where depending on where you are, you may be able to see a ring of light around the dark moon!

An annular eclipse happens more often than a total eclipse, but still are rare events. Since the sun is never 100% obfuscated during an annular eclipse, it is important to keep your solar eclipse viewing glasses on at all times when observing it. As always, you should ensure that all your glasses are ISO and CE certified before observing the eclipse.

If you live in San Antonio, Corpus Christi or Odessa, Texas you are going to have an ideal viewing position for this solar event.  Expect it to start around 11:41AM and last until about 12:00PM (CST). Since it will be a partial eclipse event, pay particular attention to shadows on the ground and how they change as the eclipse happens.  If you are near a tree look at the shadows of the leaves and notice how you can see a silhouette of the sun and eclipse on the ground cast by the shadows of the trees.

Get prepared now for this event by getting solar eclipse safety viewing glasses for you and your family, business or school.  Our 100% Made in the USA glasses are ISO and CE certified and we donate 75% of out net profits back to schools and other nonprofits to provide free eclipse glasses for those who may otherwise be unable to afford them.

Don’t miss this spectacular event in the sky.  Get some friends together, put on a backyard BBQ or head to a local park and join in one of the many celebrations taking place all across Texas.  It’s a show that everyone will be talking about!

Get your glasses now!