Resources for Educators & Teachers

We are happy to be able to provide various resources for educators, teachers and organizations for the education about, and safe viewing of, solar eclipses. We are proud supporters of public education, and we are dedicated to re-investing profits to further help public schools and classrooms all across the USA.

We offer a wide range of resources from discounted eclipse safety viewing glasses for schools, to programs that offer free educator packs for classrooms to help schools and teachers that might otherwise not be available to afford them. 

Sine 2015 we have given away over 300,000 pairs of eclipse glasses to various schools, organizations and individuals. We have also been able to provide eclipse books, posters and safety flyers free of charge to help students and adults understand what a solar eclipse is, and how to safely view them.

In addition, we’ve been able to work with numerous schools and organizations to be able to stretch budget dollars so that every student would be able to safely view an eclipse. 

No matter if you are a public or private school, we hope we can provide resources you can use to share with your students the science and excitement behind a solar eclipse! 

Solar Eclipse Envelope Artwork Sent In By a Student