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As I write this, on April 8, 2023, we are now officially at one year until the total solar eclipse of 2024 on April 8, 2024. It seems like just yesterday I was in the backyard with friends and family looking up at the 2017 total eclipse in Missouri. Towns and people everywhere are starting to talk about it and get excited, and now is the perfect time to start thinking about your plans. Many more people will be able to see the 2024 total eclipse than the 2017 one, and no matter where you are in the USA, you will see some type of eclipse.

While you start thinking and hopefully learning more about solar eclipses, it is important that you think about eye safety when viewing it. It is important to talk to young kids and others you know about how to view an eclipse safely.  Resources like our safety page and NASA’s solar eclipse safety site are great resources to share with family and friends.

One thing I remember about 2017 is how hard it was to find solar eclipse safety viewing glasses. They became near impossible to find a month before the eclipse, and prices quickly skyrocketed. There were folks here in Missouri paying upwards of $20 a pair for them, if they could find them. The good news is that you can buy yours now and keep them until the eclipse without worry. As long as the glasses follow ISO standards, and are made in the USA you will be good. They can be stored indefinitely and reused as long as they are not scratched or damaged.

In preparation for the big event in 2024, we’re launching another free giveaway to get a pair of solar eclipse safety viewing glasses.  We want everyone to enjoy this event, and so we’ll be doing these giveaways throughout the year.  To participate, it’s very simple, send a self-addressed stamped envelope to:  SolarEclipse.US, PO BOX 219, Centerville, MO 63633.  Please allow for up to 8 weeks for it to be returned.  We’ll be giving them away until we run out – and if we run out we’ll at least send you some interesting solar eclipse fact sheets!

There is a strict limit of one pair per household. 

If you need more than one pair, or perhaps you would like to grab some for your local school, club or other organization we hope you’ll checkout our special pricing for solar eclipse safety viewing glasses.  We’ve worked very hard to be able to provide 100% made in the USA, ISO certified glasses at pricing we hope is agreeable with everyone’s budget.

It’s going to be an awesome totality event in 2024 and we’re very excited, plus remember we get the 2023 annular eclipse this October 14th as well!  Then nothing for 15 years, so don’t miss out!